10 Best Alternatives to 123Movies for Watching Movies

What should I do? This question emerges in our minds each and every time we sit idle during this pandemic situation. We can play games; listen to our favorite music playlist but for how long? The best way to entertain ourselves is to watch a movie!  Though we have access to some of the in-demand applications like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, or Voot, they aren’t available with the latest movies which disappoint us. Also, not each one of us can bear the cost of a subscription to them. There are many apps that do not facilitate us with the feature of unlimited multiple screening. Moreover, the application puts a halt when the same user ID is operated by multiple users at the same time. So here we have the game changer! 123Movies.

123Movies allows you to stream online with the latest movies of Hollywood latest blockbusters as well as classics including comedy, melodrama, sci-fi, action, sports, history, war, romance, thrillers, haunted, anime, and many more. All the non-users as well as existing users do give it a watch till the end as all the movie lovers will not regret reading it till the end.

About 123Movies

123Movies is a streaming website that contains a diverse variety of movies to be watched for free. It is a boon for the viewers as well as its clients because it helps you to reach even those websites which are ban in our country. 123Movies  does not even ask you to create an ID or sign up with your email or google account. It is absolutely free of cost and 24X7 available for its visitors. This website has been a great success for the last many years and has strived its best efforts to entertain its users and continues to be one of the dominant websites in its field. It has been entertaining its viewers since 2015 and has recorded a family of 98 million users to date.

Is it Legal and Safe to Use?

As it is free of cost and restrictions it is natural to be worried about the threats regarding its use. Though it is absolutely 100% free of malware and viruses. But Yes, the user will be prone to various ads and links that they may find inappropriate.  But still, 123Movies website make their best efforts to sort and display only those ads and links which are safe for use by the viewers.

123Movies Mirror Sites

Mirror sites are the clone websites of 123Movies which can also be

visited by the viewers and are available with all the similar facilities that are available on the domain site. They act as each other’s substitute in case any website is under maintenance, temporarily banned, or in case the user finds any sort of confusion regarding how to reach the website, he can visit any of them and enjoy the movies or TV serials online with equal ease.

Some of the websites are:

  • – This is one of the most up to date websites of 123Movies as it updates itself with the latest movies and TV series every hour.
  • – This is one of the most trusted websites of 123movies because of its USP of providing its viewers the most trending movies and TV series available on the website
  • Here you can use 123Movies to watch free movies and watch TV series online for free without downloading or signup.
  • – They have got you with the best Full HD movies available with no formality to sign up or account creation.
  • – It provides full movies and TV series to be streamed online for free.
  • Another trusted website used by the movie lovers for streaming with no requirement of sign up or payment.
  • – It is one of the oldest clone websites of 123movies with a perfect past record of being one of the best free streaming websites.
  • – Watch HD Movies Online For Free and Download the latest movies without Registration.
  • – Free movies and TV series to be watched and downloaded anytime which are updated on a daily basis.
  • – Can watch the latest movies and TV series online aired on a regular basis.
  • -Watch HD Movies Online For Free and Download the latest movies without Registration.
  • Last but not least, another alternative that can be visited for watching free movies and tv series for free online without any registration requirements.

All these above websites are free of any malware or virus and are absolutely safe to be surfed from. The only drawback is that you can not access some of them due to a temporary (or maybe permanent) ban by the Department of Telecommunications, Government of India, or due to maintenance break.

Best 123Movies Alternatives

The information imparted until now was not that interesting for the existing users of 123Movies as many of them might be already aware of these websites. So hereby we bring you the LIST OF TOP 10 ALTERNATIVES FOR 123MOVIES:

1. Putlocker

Putlocker is one of the most popular and recommended websites as an alternative to 123Movies. Just like 123movies, it does not interrupts its users with too many ads. It contains the latest as well as classic movies which are just a click away for watching.

2. Vumoo

This is one of the best alternative websites of 123movies which every Movie lover desires. Though Vumoo is not as fancy and eye-catching as others but never judge a book by its cover. This website hides an entire treasure of thousands of movies and TV series in it. The most beautiful part of this website is that it doesn’t bore its visitors with long buffering and can be easily run with minimum data requirements.

3. Gostream

The most annoying part while watching a movie online is when the movie obstructs by sequential ads. So here are your stop friends. Gostream gives a 100% guarantee to be free of any traditional ads. Though it contains some promotional links we can easily avoid them.

4. YesMovies

Sometimes it becomes highly difficult to compare that which movie is better. So Yes movies show you the rating as well as the reviews of those who have already viewed it. It even allows you to give your views as well regarding how much you will rate it out of 5 stars and what was your experience of watching the movie.

5. FMovies

Many times we encounter some movies which are in such a poor quality that it is hardly visible and audible. Thus, FMovies is your Prophet to such problems. It brings you all those movies which are available to watched and downloaded with different picture quality (pixels).

6. SolarMovies

If you want to get a feeling of how it feels to be a premium member of a website for free then viewers, so your dream becomes true here. SolarMovies contains not only a diverse variety of movies and TV series but also a detailed R&D on the movies displaying a brief synopsis, IMDb rating, duration, and other significant information to make it easy for you to decide which movie you want to watch.

7. GoMovies

If you get a website that sorts for you the top 100 websites trending according to their IMDb rating, then what else a viewer can dream for? This feature is available on GoMovies. GoMovies shows you the top 100 movies according to their IMDb rating whether it is for overall movies, action, comedy, melodrama, sci-fi, sports, history, war, romance, thrillers, haunted, anime, and many more.

8. WatchFree

Though WatchFree is not as popular as other streaming sites its speedy processing and minimum buffering attract the movie lovers towards it. The only drawback is the annoying pop-up windows that occur when clicked on a movie. The best solution to it can be is to download and activate a pop-up blocker.

9. PopcornFlix

The above websites mentioned earlier offer only movies and TV series only. But PopcornFlix brings you even the list of viral videos available online. Now, for instance, you just want to watch short funny videos instead of a full-length movie, the best place for it is popcorn flix.

10. PrimeWire

This stands last in the list because of its design and presentation. The interface of PrimeWire is still the same since its creation. But don’t go over its looks. It is as competitive in performance as other websites. The only drawback is that the viewers may find the video links available on the website a bit disturbing. However, if ignored, it deserves to be visited.


We kept our promise that you will not regret reading it till the end. Now it’s your turn. Go and explore the world of 123Movies and its alternatives.

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