10 Best Alternatives to Anilinkz for Watching Online Anime

Anime also is known as Japanimation, has gained immense popularity amongst the youth in recent years. Anime shows have hooked its viewers due to its gripping storylines and a wide range of genres to choose from. Most of the popular streaming sites such as Netflix, Amazon prime video, etc. stream anime shows and movies but they won’t allow you to watch without a subscription, which can cost you money. Being an anime fan I had always faced an issue in the past to trace the perfect site where I can choose amongst the most popular anime shows worldwide and watch them in HD for free. This was the case until I came across some amazing streaming websites, where I could watch anime shows without having to pay a single penny. One of them is Anilinkz.

Anilinkz is one of the sites where you can watch a variety of anime shows. It’s free of cost and you can enjoy watching anime shows in HD too. Anilinkz is a handy website and has a wide range of anime to choose from, moreover its quite user friendly too. You can watch anime shows anytime, anywhere. These were the major reasons that the site gained massive popularity in no time.

Is Anilinkz Down Right Now?

As of 2019, it seems that Anilinkz is not as up to the mark as it used to be. Coming to demerits, in recent years, this site has shown a declining rate of popularity due to an increase in the number of advertisements that pop up out of the blue. Due to such interruptions caused by advertisements while watching the shows, this site has lost many of its users. To be honest, no one likes to be interrupted while watching their favorite shows!

All we can say that anilinkz is not down right now because most of the users are not facing any major issues with the site except the elevation in the number of annoying advertisements, which can be due to lack of maintenance. But as of now, the site is still working fine. You can enjoy watching anime shows for free and in HD.  Whilst if you are facing other issues apart from this, there are some methods which you can try to resolve the problem.

  • Clear DNS cache from your device.
  • Refresh the site after clearing browser cache and cookies.
  • Restart your device.
  • Make sure that you are connected to the internet.
  • Check your internet connection’s stability and speed.
  • Try accessing through a proxy service.

If your issues are not resolved even after experimenting with these methods, it’s advisable to switch to some alternate site, which can provide you a pleasurable watching experience.

Best Alternatives For Anilinkz

If you are looking for a site to switch from anilinkz, there are plenty of fishes in the sea! As compared to anilinkz, some of these websites provide a much better streaming experience. Searching for a site that does not have drawbacks like anilinkz, can prove to be quite a challenging task. To ensure that you get a better experience while watching anime shows, here is the list of some amazing sites that can act as substitutes.


This site may be the perfect site for you, if you want to keep up with the latest anime shows out there. Here, You can steam anime shows for free and still watch them in HD. is loaded with the countless number of anime shows, which are up to the date and most popular.

The best part is that the site requires almost no maintenance and works pretty well on smartphones as well. This website is well organized and has very few advertisements which won’t be much of a concern while streaming. Moreover, it’s quite convenient to sign up and can be navigated easily.

2. Chia­-anime

This site is a bit underrated, compared to the other sites despite good management and other features provided. If you are looking for a site where you can download anime shows and watch them later in offline mode, Chia-anime is the right choice for you. You can download the shows and then watch them later at your convenience.

Additionally, you don’t have to be a registered user and risk your private information to watch anime shows. Just search for your desired anime show and watch them in instant mode. With the ‘advance search’ option provided, you can easily navigate what you are searching for.

3. Anime take

Anime take is quite popular amongst these sites. While streaming through this site you won’t be interrupted with undesirable advertisements and can watch the shows in peace. Despite its monotonous appearance, it includes quite a good range of anime shows.

Key features include that the shows get uploaded on anime take within almost no time after being released, so you won’t have to wait much longer to enjoy the shows. Lots of shows to choose from and no advertisements, what more do you need?

4. GoGo anime

This is the site that I prefer to watch anime shows or movies. It’s free of cost, has loads of anime shows in various genres, and has a simple video player as well. GoGo anime also suggests you show or movies comparable to the show/movie that you are watching, this saves your time to find a show or a movie matching the genre that you prefer to watch, and that’s quite amazing. It has an enormous database that provides great content to choose from. Whenever you are bored, just visit GoGo anime you will find something interesting to watch! It can easily substitute anilinkz.

Main features include a less complicated video player, a colossal collection of movies and shows, and automatic suggestions to the best shows and movies. You can watch the shows in dubbed as well as subbed as per your preference. It’s surely worth a try.

5. Anime lab

If you are looking for a premium experience while watching anime, this might be the site for you. It’s super fast and has the finest quality content. The only drawback is that it may be only available to New Zealanders or Australians. But this issue is not of concern, as you can use VPNs to access these sites if you are streaming outside these countries.

Furthermore, the Anime lab is a superfast site and it provides the facility to stream anime shows in the native resolution as well.

6. 9anime

Due to the provided feature of a dark theme, tidy interface, and much more, 9anime is the favorite of many anime lovers. You can block some popping advertisements using an ad blocker and you are good to go! It has some astonishing features that include autoplay, bookmarks, and lights-off.

It is a preferable choice of many users as you get to choose from loads of anime shows, it has an advanced video player and a filter option for a quick search. Additionally, it has multiple replacements for servers in case if one of the servers is down.

7. Anime planet

Anime planet is one of the top-ranked sites as it is accessible to all users anywhere around the world. Preferred by most anime fans, you can stream anime shows for free here. It contains details about every show registered on the site, which includes manga reviews, source materials, and whatnot.

Due to low rates of advertisements, being free of cost, and containing about 45000-plus videos, anime-planet is quite trendy.

8. GoGo animes TV

No, don’t get confused between GoGo anime and GoGo animes tv, they are not the same but are somewhat similar to each other. This site has precisely arranged anime titles and dozens of movies to choose from, along with anime shows.

On the homepage, you can access many ongoing shows and you can easily find your favorite anime shows too. Including both, anime movies and shows, GoGo animes tv is easy to navigate and tidy and has almost no ads, which give you the reasons to select this site.

9. Kiss anime

Another best Anilinkz alternative listed here is Kiss anime. It includes almost every Japanese anime show, making it a quite renowned site. Kiss anime stores a record of shows you have already watched provides you an opportunity to interact with a large anime community where you can share and explore new shows. You can also download content at a rapid speed with its Real-Debrid support. You can even make new friends here!

Moreover, it has 900 plus shows which gets updated regularly. You can watch anime shows in subbed as well as English dubbed, as per your preference. Making it fairly convenient for everyone. Surely give it a try!

10. Anime simple

Anime simple provides you a simpler watching experience as you won’t have to go through the complicated registration process to watch the shows. Just chose or search the shows you want to watch, select the resolution, and simply enjoy a hustle free watch. This site will also give you some suggestions for what to watch next as per your previous preferences.

Noteworthy features of anime simply include that, you require no prior registrations, you get automatic suggestions for shows and it’s a less complicated source to watch anime.

Will you need a VPN to watch anime?

By using a VPN, you can conceal your actual IP address. Your actual IP address will be covered by an IP address of a different location. Hence, while you are accessing any site using VPN, the VPN server’s IP address will be detected instead of your own.

You may or may not need a VPN depending upon the site you select to watch anime shows from. There are plenty of websites that do not require VPNs to have an access to anime shows or movies, for example, Animeplanet which can be accessed from anywhere around the world. Whereas some sites will require VPNs to access its content, such as Anime lab, which is geo-restricted. With the help of a VPN, you can easily watch anime on this site even if you are not accessing it from New Zealand or Australia.

A VPN can do more

Using a VPN can give you a lot more advantages rather than just simply concealing your actual IP address. A VPN ensures your safety and privacy by encrypting your data into an unreadable format, which cannot be accessed by hackers. If you are caught streaming content that is not accessible in your country, it can create some illegal issues as geo-restricted streaming content is prohibited. What using a VPN can do is, that it will hide your streaming activities and you won’t have to worry about these issues.

Using VPNs for anime websites will also inform you about any dubious advertisement so that you can stay away from malware. Many of the advertisements show up on such sites while streaming content, some of these may possess some potential danger, which can harm your system. Advertisements allow the owners to gain money, that’s the reason you see such ads more often. Using a good VPN can save you from all these troublesome malware.

There are many VPNs out there, these are some suggestion of VPNs which you can use:

  • Privacy
  • NordVPN
  • PureVPN
  • FastestVPN
  • ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN can unblock the UK’s Netflix, a top anime streaming site.

Final thoughts

If Anilinkz is still working fine for you, you can surely continue using that. But if you are looking for an ad-free site or where you can download shows and watch them later or if you just want to explore some new sites, you can give one of the mentioned sites a try! Some of these sites will surely enhance your watching experience and will prove to be a much better choice than Anilinkz.

You can use VPNs to access any of these sites which are not available in your country and you are all set to enjoy your favorite anime shows. Except for the VPNs mentioned above, there are many VPNs available online. Just while using VPNs make sure that they do the job well and are trustworthy to keep your data safe and secure.

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