10 Best Alternatives to Cartoon Crazy for Watching Cartoon

My earliest school time memory, undeniably is running back home from the bus stop so as to not miss my three o’clock rundown of Naruto! I mean, come on, I couldn’t have been the only one hell-bent on getting my homework done by 5:50 PM, adjust myself on the sofa, grab a packet of chips, a glass of bournvita and glue my face to the TV Screen for an hour, right from 6:00, till 7:00 PM. And those who have done it, know what I’m talking about. Pokemon and Dragon Ball Z! *eyes lighten up*. Websites like Cartoon Crazy serve all these exciting shows online.

Oh dear, someone help me getting rid of this heavy hearted nostalgia.

Alright alright, let’s get back to reality. *sighs*

10 Best Alternatives to Cartoon Crazy for Watching Cartoon

Well, like everything else in this mundane world, even these websites have a few cons. Nonetheless, they allow you to discover and stick up for hours to come without charging you any fee whatsoever. How cool is that? So hop in, as we get on line to watch out the most happening alternatives to Cartoon Crazy!

1. KissAnime

So apparently, KissAnime is, as comprehensible as it sounds, utterly focused on anime file streaming. It is considered to be the best Cartoon Crazy alternatives.  It allows every user to watch, or better, download shows throughout the service, for free. Not to forget how it is known as the world’s biggest anime website. However, as of now, the site has been shut for good. Nonetheless, this wasn’t the case until 14th of August.

While still insanely popular among Manga and Anime fans everywhere, the site was held responsible for showcasing TV shows and movie illegally. However, what it did was that it made anima and manga immensely popular for the common mass. Ranging from adventure, fantasy, magic, mystery, drama, historical to comedy, KissAnime had it all. Quite a deal for an anime fanatic, don’t you think? *winks*

2. Gogoanime

One of the most popular anime streaming websites has to be Gogoanime. Having an extravagant atmosphere in itself and consisting of genres that are as many as you could at most, imagine, Gogoanime provides its users with a wide range of content, even in the dubbed format. Everything you watch in there is assorted time to time, so you could experience something way extraordinary, the next time you’re on the website.

Now isn’t that a pretty good customer’s-choice-enriching thing to do? *shrugs*

You can browse all you want and there wouldn’t come a single point amidst all the searching, where you’d want to give up and watch something else instead.

The homepage looks stunning and it allows you to go through your most favorite shows in alphabetical order. When you start watching any show or movie, in particular, there are English subtitles as well and you can fairly comprehend if at all the entire ongoing motion picture is dubbed or subbed.

3. eu

Call it what you may but this website is undeniably heaven on earth. I’m not even exaggerating. It’s ample features compile every category into a specific order for us Anime fanatics to be able to find it out with the most minimal of efforts. Also, one of the best alternative websites of Cartoon Crazy.

Watch it, download it, feature it, they barely care. All they care about is how gauging they’ve been and if at all you’re having the time of your life. You sure will, you know. There’s no second doubt in that. Create an account and live out the bliss.

4. Animeland

If you want to search out a whole lot of episodes, right from the very beginning,     you’ve got it here. This website distinctively consists of an area, a player, if you may, wherein you could stream all you want to. It’s streaming speed is anything but far fetched. Not to forget, it depends thoroughly on your internet connection. However, it gives you a feeling of a lifetime.

For someone such as myself, who enjoys the perks of watching multitudes of Anime and Manga series online, Animeland has to be by far the best among everything I’ve streamed on. Hands down.

5. Watch Cartoon Online

Watch cartoon has to be the best website for kids and also one of the best Cartoon Crazy alternatives. I mean, I’ve got to admit, the vast arena of cartoons, manga, and anime they possess is beyond my mundane understanding. I can bet my life on the fact that you’d forget the existence of any and every streaming site once you hop into Watch Cartoon Online.

As snobbish as it sounds. Get one step ahead, download whatever it is that you’d want to indulge into, and have a gala time staying back home. This is one of the very few discoveries I’ve made as a big sister and I’m redundantly proud of it.

6. Watchdub

As the name very peculiarly suggests, Watchdub is technically a platform to watch dubbed anime online. See, it’s no surprise Anime is made in Japanese, the country is its origin. Now if at all you don’t know Japanese, you can’t just sit back and wonder what went wrong in your education, right? Here comes Watchdub as a prolific savior of humankind.

Every little anime you’ve ever wanted to watch will stream with subtitles for us non-Japanese crowd to decipher. It doesn’t matter if you’re using your cell phone or your computer, once you start using Watchdub, you realize what you’ve been missing all along. *sigh*.

7. Netflix

Don’t even get me started on this. Netflix is one of the many online streaming services I swear my life by. I cannot possibly pass a single day without opening the app and adding at least 8 movies or TV shows on my list. Containing and delivering every possible motion picture clip, this HD-quality-providing site will leave you wanting for more.

However, unlike the other websites I’ve mentioned above, Netflix doesn’t abide by the ‘Free for all’ law. The first month of using it is indefinitely free of cost. But the months that follow, will require you a sum, which varies when you watch it on a cell phone and when you do it on a computer.

8. YouTube

Ah, here comes YouTube, my 2nd favorite amidst every site there has been by now. One word: Stunning. Life without YouTube would practically be pancakes without fruits or even syrups. IMAGINE. Need assistance with a DIY? Watch a helpful video on YouTube. Need to fix your broken button? Delve into a clip that explains the science behind it all.

Have issues with your boss and can’t confront him? Start looking out for a self-discovering, the upfront message you’d want to blurt out to him. YouTube will have you covered, no matter how bland or eccentric the situation. It has your back. All-day every day.

And if you feel empowered enough, you can even go ahead and create a channel of your own. You’re free to. Isn’t that A-M-A-Z-I-N-G?

9. Justdubs

Now coming back to another of the cartoon sites we’ve spoken of, for long now, is Justdubs! And what’s so special about it? Well, their familiarity. The sense of belongingness they provide you with. And as deep and insightful as it sounds, Justdubs allows you to stream every possible content for absolutely free of money. With a tremendous variety of subtitles, my non-Japanese crowd would be just as happy as the other one. *grins*

Imagine watching HD-quality content WITHOUT any advertisement whatsoever. I could have only dreamt about it had Justdubs not existed. A lifesaver in it’s truest sense, if you haven’t yet visited the site, I insist you waste no more time. Run!

10. Anime Rhino

As appropriate as it sounds, this website is a Rhino in its truest sense. You can practically search for any cartoon you want to view. Or download, of course. Be it dubbed, subbed, HD or not, Anime Rhino is there for you. *giggles*

The subtitles allow an entire universe of non-Japanese humans to dodge through the website without facing any difficulty as such. Manga and Anime would appear just as jittery and pacifying now that you can stream it with subtitles. Phew! Thankfully enough, this is one of the very few sites which is actually ‘legal’. So you definitely wouldn’t have to worry or drown in guilt about your practices. How calming is that, now?


Having had an idea of what to choose and where from, I’m sure you cartoon lovers, just like myself, would have a gala time now. Having access to a platform where you can surf and soothe your brewing brains out, I’m certain you will be thrilled in the otherwise monotonous schedule mid-pandemic.

You’re welcome.

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