25 Alternatives to Couchtuner For Free Streaming

With stellar content being uploaded across various platforms, entertainment has found its way to reach our gadget screens other than our Tv set. One of the obstacles we face is the enormous charges imposed by these online platforms, only to increase over a period of time. When you are a student trying to save some penny, online free streaming platforms is where your search for haven ends.  Couchtuner is one of the best streaming platforms.

There are several other websites that work similarly as Couchtuner. While some of these websites pose a problem for browsing itself, using a VPN can get rid of the same hence making your streaming experience a little smoother.

25 Alternatives to Couchtuner For Free Streaming

Here is a list of alternatives to online free streaming sites like Couchtuner:

1. Tubi tv

Tubi, also known as Tubi Tv, provides a more than fair alternative to paid streaming apps or websites. Also, it is the first one to be included among the list of best Couchtuner alternatives. With content being upload quite regularly, within a period of less than a month, the list of licensed movies and series it gives you access to may not be the latest but are surely the ones that have a good word going around about them.

The access to Tubi Tv is free, streaming to a wide variety of movies is one step away, which is just a simple registration process, without making you reach your credit card. One major perk that comes with Tubi Tv is that you can browse on more than our well-known platforms and devices, it is available on android and iOS, PlayStation 4 , Xbox One and Xbox 360. Finding the movie you want is often a hit or miss, but since it gets updated quite regularly, you might stumble upon an old classic. You wouldn’t miss a chance to watch that, would you?

2. Popcorn Time

Although Popcorn Time was discontinued in 2014 due to legal threats although it being loved by the general public who saw it as an alternative to Netflix at the time, was restored with an upgraded version. Browsing through genres on popcorn time is easier with this version, movies in HD quality along with a feature added that allows you to drag and drop an external torrent and external subtitles to stream it on popcorn time.

The access to Popcorn Time is free when it comes to streaming your fad favorites. This downloadable app is available on major platforms like Mac (x10.7 and above), Windows(7 and above), Android, Android Tv, Linux.

3. Yesmovies

Along with the superb quality of the streaming and vivid images, what Yesmovies claims to be a feather in their cap is the speed of streaming, providing viewers a happy streaming which, according to Yesmovies ‘makes the viewer want to sit beside the main character. ’Yesmovies can be accessed as free and browsed easily on any platform.

4. PopcornFlix

Here is another alternative to Couchtuner, that is, PopcornFlix. Bringing relief of this being a legally safe site, although it may not contain the latest movie that you missed a chance to watch in your nearby theatres, the collection is pretty large with classics and the access is free from any registration or charges although not free from ads like aby other free streaming site. PopcornFlix keeps also includes an option to watch viral videos on the internet.

5. Café Movies

This website is another good alternative to Couchtuner for free streaming. Adding to the list of sites that get updated regularly, it provides HD quality for viewing series of your interest and makes sure it includes a stellar collection of the same. Access to Café movies can be done by simply browsing them on major platforms.

Although it also runs on advertisements, but they are innocuous and do not pose as a major obstacle in streaming movies of your favorite genre. Pirated movies do not make their way through café movies as it is legally safe.

6. SolarMovies

Except a few censored and quality ads, why SolarMovies seems promising is it allows to ‘plow’ Tv series quite smoothly. The genres are synchronized quite well better than most of the free streaming websites out there, although you really have to dig up for the good stuff in there.

SolarMovies also provides subtitles in languages other than English, which makes its userbase wide. The movies are available in HD quality and the access if free from any registration or charges. All these exciting features makes it the best alternative Couchtuner

7. 123movies

If there is one thing that this site is famous for among the viewers other than the free streaming it provides, it is the changes it goes through when it comes to the name of the website. After multiple legal truffles it still remains a well-known website visited by millions for the latest movies and Tv series.

123Movies is a viewer favorite because it keeps updating its collection like none other, but do not be surprised if it seems to vanish on your search page because it hardly remains free from legal attacks. The access if free and the options for movies from various countries remain impressive. It also allows you to download in your choice of quality!

8. Streamlikers

With an interface similar to that of most of websites enlisted here, Streamlikers is another go-to alternative for Couchtuner when it comes to free streaming. The genres are impressive as they have every generic choice an avid cinephile would like. It has a feature of dark mode for comfortable streaming for your movie nights with friends and family.

9. Putlocker HD

Putlocker HD provides impressive quality if browsing as the quality of filters remains different and enhanced than other free streaming websites. It enlists recommendations based on your search history which it easier for you to compartmentalize your choice of movies with a single click.

The access is free although it does provide an option of becoming a member, which is certainly not an obstacle while streaming. To download movies of your choice, you need to sign up which is absolutely free as well. Like other websites, this wasn’t free from legal truffles as well but a new version was introduced about which there still remains doubt of authenticity. The collection is good nonetheless.

10. Rainierland

Designed to keep simplicity intact, Rainierland filters out genres quite easily, be it movies or Tv shows. The streaming is free from ads while you’re watching any movie or Tv shows, while no option for downloading the same. While they claim that the updates are as often as 4-5 days.

The collection contains all fan favorites making it a good alternative to Couchtuner and other paid streaming sites. The access is free of course, without any need to even register. Piracy can be a problem but finding the right movie in the right quality is again hit or miss.

11. 1channel

Is one of the websites that requires you to log in, without any charges nonetheless. Being quite rigid in its format, it’s not an easy path to the movie you wish to stream for free. The browsing being quite wrecked, the piracy dangers of the movies adds to the threat. There are ads and numerous pop-ups through which the website earns its share of penny. If you have a specific movie or a Tv show that you missed to watch or wish to stream for free, 1channel is worth a browse to scoop out even the last chance of finding that movie or the Tv show.

12. Vodly movies

Popping up easily on a simple search, Vodly movies promises good quality when it comes to browsing and streaming as well. The genres are synchronized better than most of the alternatives streaming websites of Couchtuner. It offers free access to HD quality movies and Tv shows. While being updated within a period of about two weeks, the collection is a generic fare.

Vodly movies list movies in the chart of movies that are talk of the town along with movies that will be available on the website the coming week. The access being free is free from any sort of registration or credit card details. It is often free from piracy.

13. Los Movies

While providing an option to register or log in to compartmentalize movies of your interest easily, the website tries its best to update the collection quite regularly. Ads on this website are a problem as browsing becomes difficult, the streaming is interrupted quite a lot as well.

The access is free, also giving out a list of genres, the additional filters of actors and directors when it comes to movies and Tv shows is a unique feature we can see once we decide to stream. Another loophole remains that not every movie comes with a subtitle and for the same reason a filter for movies with subtitles is provided for smooth streaming.

14. New Episodes

For all the Tv series lovers out there, this is where the search for your haven ends. Dedicated solely to series, web series and Tv series, the updates are as recent as one week. The access is free of course, while the side tool of a log in which certainly not a condition to stream the latest episodes that you would love to watch for free. You can search for various seasons along with individual episodes. It does go through changes when it comes to the name of the website but is worth a browse once in a while.

15. Global Tv

Another relief to series lover, a website dedicated to series solely, has free access is also legally approved, hence avoiding any chances of piracy makes it a popular choice. Along with series, options for news related to entertainment, viral videos and popular individual episodes are also available, Although available for Canada, using a VPN can help you overcome restrictions.

The collection is quite updated, with a side tool of a simple login to help you browse better. The ads aren’t a problem here, which does not appear once you start streaming. An option for live Tv makes it an alternative to Couchtuner and live Tv channels as well.

16. Watchseries

Although this website goes through changes a lot, the browsing is made easy with well-categorized genres of Tv shows as well as movies. The interface used to be simpler and straight tabs with names and links, which has undergone changes now in order to modify it according to user feedback, the genres are well defined now, including a Watchseries guide to help you browse and understand browsing on this particular website better.

You can log in to the website to download and saved the ones you’ve watched to stream later again. It contains all the popular choices and rarely lets the viewer down.

17. Movie Watcher

Along with the specifications of genres, Movie Watcher allows you to filter movies by the year in which the movie or the series was released, which can be counted as a unique feature. The collection good with good to do rate of updates has a good junk of generic series,  mostly fan favorites. Streaming in HD quality is something made easy by Movie Watcher, with piracy at rare ends. The access is absolutely free, with occasional ads which are again, innocuous. The streaming can be done on major platforms.

18. Vidstrum

Adding to the list of alternatives to Couchtuner is Vidstrum. One thing you’ll notice is different from other streaming websites is no categorization which in turn makes browsing a task when you do not have anything specific in mind. The same can prove to be an advantage as you won’t streamline your interest which may make you end up watching something you didn’t know you would like. The collection being star-studded with every fan favorite makes it a popular choice as well. The access is free and rid of the need to out in any details.

19. SnagFilms

Another proxy website to Couchtuner is SnagFilms, streaming shows and movies mainly from but not limited to the USA. Not providing a filter of genres, it makes up for the same by providing good quality of streaming. Giving ratings of the shows makes you choose better. The access is free and adds to the list of websites that do not demand a compulsory registration to stream movies or series. It is available as an app on major platforms like android and apple which makes it piracy free quite often.

20. Openload FreeTv

With an impressive interface, Openload makes us all want to explore more with our genres of interest. Another reason for this might be the filter of alphabets and years as well. With a well-maintained list of updates, the quality of streaming is something that Openload FreeTv doesn’t compromise with. The access is absolutely free, with honest ratings a filter dedicated to the trending movies and shows. Except for a few occasional ads, the streaming is smooth.

21. Coolmoviezone

With a simple interface which keeps changing, with tabs with titles and ratings, a side tool of movie listing according to alphabets makes it easier to browse. The access being free from any registration and money has a collection which is satisfactory.

The junk is something you would love if you are in for some classics. The genres are quite flattering to a Bollywood fanatic. Ads aren’t a problem while you browse for movies of your interests. The quality of movies is good as the streaming is available in HD.

22. Movieninja

Movieninja is quite a household name when it comes to online free streaming of movies and series. With an impressive and well-maintained interface, the website vouches for good quality content with constant updates of new seasons, which is something that widened its userbase. The access is absolutely free without any need to register with the website or enter any details, making it a promising proxy. Ads are occasional and do not pose as an obstacle to streaming.

23. Vumoo

Adding to the list of browsing websites that do not provide filters, Vumoo is full of latest series and movies that makes you want to explore more. Every movie or series that has a good word going around is available to watch on Vumoo. The access is free, and there is no compulsory registration required. Ads are not as irritating and browsing smooth except a few pop-ups.

24. AZMovies

As the name suggests, AZMovies vouches to give a stellar collection of movies which you might wish to stream for free. With an impressive list of filters which include years of release from the year 1953, the streaming in HD gives AZMovies a good pedestal for viewers to browse and dig up good content.

It is considered to be one of the best Couchtuner alternatives as well. The site promises that no illegal content is uploaded on the same. It also shares the link to its own proxy website. The access is free from any sort of registration.

25. TinklePad

Although the website faced legal truffles, a modified version is made available to the viewers for free online streaming of movies and series. The ads are quite a problem on TinklePad, which is a bummer if you wish for uninterrupted streaming. The collection it provides is satisfactory with generic choice of genres. The access is free from any registration. It provides a tab for most viewed movies for you so that you don’t miss out on good movies.


It’s important to keep in mind that these browsing websites only vouch for being an alternative to Couchtuner for online streaming. This is why it is quite far fetched to expect the latest content being uploaded across these platforms, right after they get uploaded on otherwise paid applications and in their original quality.

As far as streaming is smooth, advertisements are something we must compromise on often as it is the only way by which they earn their share. On most of these, you really have to dig up for good content which isn’t an obstacle when you know specifically what you are looking for. The overall experience on these websites is quite good, accepting that the same would’ve cost you a fair amount.

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