12 Best Alternatives to Huji for Taking Pictures and Editing

Social media is all about drool-worthy, captivating photographs. So, whether it’s Instagram or Pinterest, you need to have the best, stunning photographs posted out there. But how can you accentuate those plain-looking photographs to make sure they are fit for the Gram? Now the expected, unanimous answer will be this – the Huji Cam app! Huji has won hearts with its amazing filters and magical effects, which bring out the wow-factor in your pictures.

12 Best Alternatives to Huji for Taking Pictures and Photo Editing

But hey, did you know that there are a plethora of apps similar to Huji Cam? Some are even better than Huji! So, if you’re bored and looking to experiment, we’ve listed 12 Apps like Huji right here. Read, try them out, and have fun!

1. 1888

Also known as the ‘clone’ of the Huji Cam app, 1888 is the perfect substitute to Huji. You won’t have a tough time figuring the app out as it is very similar to Huji in many ways. Plus, 1888 has retained Huji’s popular retro filter too!

A whole bunch of influencers, Instagram models, artists out there use 1888 to edit their photographs. The best part of 1888 is that the photographs barely look edited, they’re just as real as you would like them to be!

1888 is compatible with iOS and Android – so both the iOS and Android teams can benefit from this amazing app!

2. Kamon

Looking for a vintage touch to your modern photographs? Kamon is the best app! Clicking pictures using Kamon will give you all the 90’s feels, with the photographs looking straight out of the retro era. The app even creates analog versions of digitally taken photographs.

A little disappointment for Android users here – this app is restricted to the iOS platform.

3. Filterloop

Fantastic Filterloop is what we would call it! The app features so many filter options, leaving you spoilt for choice. Once again, the vintage filter from Filterloop has huge popularity. The features of Filterloop are not limited to mere filters, you also have loads of editing options giving you all the creative freedom to try them out.

This app too is compatible with iOS only.

4. Afterlight

Editing is not everyone’s cup of tea and the makers of Afterlight have capitalized on just that! Afterlight is one of a kind app that focuses entirely on basic editing. In short, it is a simpler version of the Huji app and made especially for the beginners in editing.

The user interface of this app is simplified, making navigation through this app a child’s play. The app allows you to play with the key parameters of editing such as filters, color modification, and brightness. And here’s a reason to cheer – Afterlight is available on both Android and iOS platforms!

5. Glitch Photo Analog Film FX

Imagine an app that allows you to click stunning retro photographs as well as shoot live videos and films – all in one! This perfect combination is precisely what Glitch Photo Analog FX offers!

The app is particularly popular for its speed – just a few seconds and the app can create all the magic you want! Brace yourself for some disappointment, Android users – the app is available only on iOS.

6. Filmborn

A top-rated editing app, Filmborn is a spectacular app. Filmborn has a platter of filters, giving you the freedom to keep experimenting until you find the perfect match for your photos.

Its incredible features allow you to transform the most washed out, blurred image into that million-dollar Gram-worthy picture in no time!

And yes, a major downside – Filmborn is compatible only with iOS.

7. RNI Film

RNI stands for Really Nice Images, isn’t that cute! And well, the name of the app is apt! The features these superb app offers are unmatchable – it offers instant ‘before and after’ previews, allowing you to view your image exactly how it would appear on your feed. It has an easy to use, clutter-free user interface making it popular among the youngsters.

All good things come with a cost – this one’s available only on iOS!

8. KD Pro

A fun and incredibly immersive app, KD Pro is just the right substitute for Huji Cam. Apart from incredible photo-editing features, the app offers cross-platform functionality. And mind you, that’s a feature very few photo editing apps boast of!

With KD Pro, you can give your photos a mesmerizing, old-school warmth. It is a hit among the crowd as it is very easy to use. It has exceptional reviews and ratings from Android and iOS users (finally an app compatible with both!) and is extremely popular amongst influencers and celebrities too!

9. Gudak Cam

A product of Screw Bar Inc, the makers of the app has ensured this app has the cross-platform functionality. So, a quick cheer for them – the app is available on both Android as well as iOS platforms!

Flexibility and ease of use are two features that make the Gudak Cam app stand out from the lot.  The app allows you to click as many as 24 shots using a single film roll – now isn’t this amazing? And yes, we cannot get enough of the marvelous job they’ve done with the vintage feel!

Tough competition to the Huji Cam app, Gudak Cam ticks fits in the bill of the perfect photo-editing app!

10. Feelm

Finally, an app exclusively crafted for Android users! Android users usually run short of options when it comes to photo-editing apps and here we are, with an app just for the Android users. From basic to advanced features, this app with a user-friendly user interface is winning hearts out there. The intuitive capabilities of this app give you the creative flexibility to experiment with a host of filters and options the app has to offer.

The app has special analog filters which you can use to capture photos and videos. The vintage touch to the outcome is sure to mesmerize you!

11. BitCam

Another best Huji alternative is BitCam. Edit away all the aberrations and flaws in your photos using the fantastic features of BitCam. You can get your images to travel time with the exceptional features this app offers. So, whether it’s the 90’s retro look or a modern-day trendy look, this app has a filter for it all.

Apart from amazing filters, BitCam has all the basic and advanced editing features you would require to give your photos that impeccable, social media-ready look!

This app is available only for iOS users.

12. 1967 – Vintage Filters

The name of the app says it all! If you’re on the lookout for an app dedicated to retro filters, your search ends right here. The 1967 – Vintage Filters app features a range of filters that gives your photos a chic and effortless vintage look. This app will work wonders and revamp the look of your photos from plain to stunning in no time.

Android users are missing out on this incredible app. It is compatible only with iOS.


There we go, an all-inclusive list of the best apps out there – you can experiment all you want with these amazing apps. We’re sure you will love them! May your social be blessed with a whole lot of incredible followers!

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