22 Best Alternatives to MangaPark For Read Free Manga Online

The Manga comics have been a distinguished cultural wave across the globe for quite a while now, ranging in genres from Horror to Romance. It procured the beginning of its peak during the mid-20th century when the legal debarments on its content were lifted. The traditional Japanese style and format of writing, further having spread across productions such as TV shows and movies, are accessed worldwide mostly through virtual media.  One such popularly accessed medium is MangaPark.

This website has exceeded three million downloads! It encompasses a scanned collation of various comic strips, categorized as per respective bifurcations. A highlight that holds the application an interesting selling point, is its inbuilt tutorial to welcomes the newbie audience. Featuring over thirty thousand cataloged comics, MangaPark has become the fastest provider of this traditional Japanese content for its loyal enthusiasts.

While episodes for these strips are largely free of cost, in the sense that they are released every fresh week, there has been a gradual increase in the number of users, facing restrictions or blockades in the content; they are having to purchase new episodes in case they want to skip the wait and continue reading.

22 Best Alternatives to Mangapark For Read Free Manga Online

Naturally, viewers start to resort to other alternatives where they do not need to face restrictions, and neither do they have to pay from their pockets to avoid any interruptions. Bringing to you 25 such proxy sites, this blog explores!

1. Mangareader

The first one on the list is mangareader.net that offers a broad assortment of Manga comic strips. Their interface is very user friendly and cataloged as per the sequence and series. It allows you to browse content based on your preferred genre. Just like MangaPark, this website offers comics free of cost, but minus the imposition of any restrictions or blockades.

2. MangaFreak

As the name suggests, this is a platform that gives the manga fans their desired comics as well. An added feature that makes it a better alternative to MangaPark is a short bio of the manga right beside the cover, which helps its readers make choices expeditiously; this way they can browse through multiple episodes and strips in much lesser time!

They can also view the status of their current picks. What’s more, is that MangaFreak allows its audience to create a library, which serves two advantages: firstly, the readers can browse through the options and store the comics they would be interested in reading in the future – without them getting lost in the mountain of options.

Secondly, the readers can search for these handpicked reads as per the categories of on-going and completed, in case they want to refresh this collection. It encompasses scans of all the popular mangas too. Needless to say, the site provides comics from across all genres.

3. MangaTown

Similar to the ones above, this alternative also is a platform for accessing manga comics. There is no requirement for registering on the site with an account; all your favorite mangas can be read online itself and are completely free of cost. You can browse through their available comic strip scan by searching for any specific strip, through the new version update or even genre-wise. Additionally, there is a default suggestion of series that MangaTown provides you!

4. Kissmanga

Comprising over a hundred thousand manga comics, Kissmanga is the largest source and directory of the same. The users have free access to all the high clarity graphic strips. Not only does the site update and upgrade with breakneck speed, but also notifies its readers every time a new episode from their respective selects releases.

An additional feature here is that you can share your current picks with your contacts, while also being able to maintain a collection of your all-time favorites! Moreover, you can switch the reading direction of reading, that is from left to right and vice versa, as per your preference.

Via a personalized run, the site provides you with customized suggestions to all sorts of categories, with a cataloged list of manga comics and their respective ranks. It is also accommodating of the propositions, recommendations, or queries that the users may have, and can send it in their feedback to Kissmanga!

5. MangaFox

Just like the previously listed alternatives, this one offers you a large selection of assorted genres, to satiate your thirst for manga. You are not required to make any paid accounts or registrations to access these comics and can browse through the previously available versions as well as the new releases. It also suggests a default set of series and sequences of manga strips to help you get started!

6. ComiXology

This cloud-based comic store is another efficient alternative for MangaPark that allows you to look for your choice of manga series and purchase them. Besides, all their available assortments can be read in the English language. While you can use the site online, on the web, it is also compatible with operating systems such as iOS and Android, which bears you much faster and cracking results!

It serves as a spiffing platform for the manga fanbase in the sense that they can even customize their search options as per their preference across genres.

7. Mangareborn

This site is a library to a vast collection of manga comics, but that being said, a feature that makes Mangareborn interesting is that it helps the lesser-known, and uncommon mangas to permeate through the target audience.

Another additional note is that it serves as a platform that allows the users to fraternize and communicate with each other. It encourages discussions around the available novels amongst the readers, and is free of bugs, errors, or restriction so one can enjoy their manga experience without interruptions!

8. Manga Panda

Thousands of manga comics translated from the source to English await in the enormous library that Manga Panda has to offer. Access to this portal can be done through a range of options, from your phone, tablet, computer, etc.

It allows you to browse through a wide range of manga comics, inclusive of thriller, action, drama, mystery, and romance; this site is a store to a vast selection of genres. All of the available content on this alternative to MangaPark is free of cost to an extent while having a choice of reading the comic in its original script or the interpreted one. However, one drawback to this is that you may come across a few cookies, promotions, or ad pop-ups.

9. Mangaeden

Unlike a few websites mentioned previously, this one has a much more simplified user interface. Regardless, the variety of comics available does not fail you. A large number of these are inexpensive and pocket friendly for comic strips. You can customize and confine your searches by editing the engine by preference. As a cut above the rest, you even have an additional option of uploading your manga on to the website!

10. Viz Media

Like a few other sites from above, this MangaPark alternative is also a free application compatible with operating systems such as Android and iOS, provided the in-app purchases. However, to access this e-reader via a computer, you are required to set a subscription account and period.

What makes this site unique, is that it not just offers you a collection of manga comics, but also popular Japanese cartoons, anime, and other stories. It has your regular search using which you can look for the comics you want, and further customization is also possible through the option of keywords. Just like Manga Panda, all the available anime and manga collections have an accessible English translation as well!

11. Mangakakalot

With up to date releases and speedy uploads of completed mangas, this site is an easy to use MangaPark alternative. For those new to the format of manga, the site offers a basic guideline so they can get started. It is a store for all the comics, regardless of how old or latest they are. Moreover, its attractive interface invites several manga readers too!

12. Read Comic Online

Like the above-mentioned options, Read Comic Online also comprises of a bountiful collection of manga comics, all of which are available online for free. This is a platform that allows you to access not just your favorite manga comic strips, but also other popular series and sets like Marvel or DC comics! Organized and catalogs into sub-sections concerning the different genres, the system proves efficient especially while searching for a specific comic.

13. WatchAnimeDub

WatchAnimeDub also referred to by the name WatchCartoonOnline, is one of the best alternatives to MangaPark. Besides free manga content, users can also enjoy a large assortment of anime videos while online. Its additional bifurcation of dubbed, semi-dubbed and original content allows a better selection range for the users so they can decide which anime or cartoon would suit them best.

While the user interface and experience has been notably an enjoyable and friendly, you might encounter interruptions due to pop up or display ads while streaming your content online, just like in Manga Panda. Similar to ads in online games or even on YouTube, you often cannot access the latter content unless you watch the complete ad video.

Nonetheless, WatchAnimeDub is successful with an average of 40 million viewers per month, most of them hailing from the States, thanks to the additional bifurcations as mentioned above.

14. AnimeFreak

Comprising of around eleven thousand different types of anime series, AnimeFreak is an interesting alternative to MangaPark, as this figure increases with every new release per day. While you can access almost all videos about the anime culture, the platform is loaded with popup adverts and cookies that may interrupt your experience as you watch the videos. On the brighter side, however, all the comic scans in its library are free of cost as well.

15. 9Anime

9Anime holds up to a whopping twenty-seven thousand videos on its database, that are inclusive of both, anime shows and movies. A feature that is unique to the site is that the user can request for his or her favorite or desired anime series, just in the rare case of unavailability.

One major drawback, despite the enormous library of anime videos, is that the interface will keep redirecting the user to other sites for advertising purposes. Besides that too, several pop-ups open up on a new tab of the browsers every time an attempt is made to act on the site. So, this may not be the best alternative, but is still a valid option to MangaPark which bars the content with restrictions every once in a while.

16. AnimeLab

As yet another site that offers you a similar experience towards free manga content, AnimeLab is an online platform inclusive of a large database of anime shows. Like a few applications/sites mentioned above, this alternative supports iOS and Android devices too and is compatible with Apple TV, Xbox, and PlayStation, all of which have gained much popularity over the past few years.

However, you can only access the content if you are from Australia or New Zealand, which may be a disappointment if you’re from the manga fanbase outside of these regions. Not only is AnimeLab’s interface attractive, but also efficient and informative as it displays a particular show’s or series’s bio if we take the arrowhead over the content’s thumbnail/cover. No wonder that the site has over four million viewers per month!

17. Chia-Anime

This site is also a valid alternative for MangaPark, as the content here is free as long as you are accessing it while online. It is a base for several movies, shows, and videos across genres of the traditional Japanese style. While it is suitable for all ages, the dashboard may not be of the best utilization.

Moreover, your experience could get frustrating in the sense that the site is loaded with advertisements all over, which could interrupt you while watching videos available here. There also are popup adverts that quickly redirect your browser to unrelated spam pages, hampering your interest to stick to the site. Nonetheless, Chia-Anime has over seven million users, mostly because it operates in the English language.

18. MasterAni.me

MasterAni.me is an interesting platform to watch different anime and manga shows and movies. That being said, the prerequisite is that you need to have the latest version of the flash player updated on your device. It serves as an efficient database for manga and anime content, and is enjoyable, given that it is free of all popup or paid advertisements.

Having organized and sub organized categories under which its available content is divided, it is one of the best alternatives to MangaPark. With over thirty million viewers per month, all of its content is in the English language too, just as Chia-Anime.

19. Crunchyroll

Invented in the year 2006, Crunchyroll has over a million users even today. Just like most of these website and application alternatives, is a great platform to access anime and Japanese cartoons while online. Its enormous library hols up to twenty-six thousand episodes and fifteen thousand database content which is officially licensed.

However, one drawback that remains is that the content available here is not explicitly free of cost. Nonetheless, its user interface and experience can still be accounted for in great terms provided its organized categorizations of section. The site has over eighty million viewers per month, despite the users having to pay a certain amount.

20. AniWatcher

Also referred by the name of Anilinkz, the AniWatcher has a library which is a broad source of anime series making it a great MangaPark alternative. Their frequent homepage upgrades account for just how much effort is being put in, to make the site more user friendly. The latest update featured in the new subbed and dubbed filter.

Clean of all kinds of popups and redirectors, the site is easy to understand, which is considerate of its new users, The only source of advertisement here is displayed by the right sidebar. There is no requirement for signing up anywhere, and you can browse through the content using the optimized header. Even though this site is relatively new, it has about eight hundred thousand viewers per month, usually hail from the States, Germany, or the UK.

21. OtakuStream

This site is more similar to MangaPark than any of the alternatives before because it offers as a community-based streaming site. Its users are free to drop in comments and even ask for an upload of anime video or show which may not be available on the site before.

Its interface is clean of interrupting advertisements as well and has recorded satisfying user experiences so far. An additional feature that makes it interesting is the option to pick between Light and Dark mode, to suit every user’s preferred brightness of the screen. With about fifteen million viewers per month, OtakuStream is rather popular in the States and UK.

22. AnimePahe

As the name suggests, this is a site for those with an insatiable thirst for anime fanbase. The content on here is inclusive of subbed and dubbed, videos and series that are free of cost. Like a few of the sites mentioned before, AnimePahe’s interface is also a clean one to an extent that it allows you to watch three videos in a go. The search tab helps you to look for your preferred anime show or series quickly and efficiently.

The attractive user interface boosts up the overall user experience as the adverts are limited and the quality of video graphics is quite high. AnimePahe seems to be popular among the manga and anime fanbase as well, with over two and a half million viewers per month, mostly from India, the States, and the UK.


The reason why these alternatives become important is that manga and anime – comics or A/Vs – have been acquiring so much popularity amongst success. It is heavily representative of the historical and social atmosphere of Japan, as it is also a medium to express feelings and expectations and critique the rhetoric in a largely humorous way.

While it originated as Japanese culture, its permeation to the other parts of the world helped its engineer stories that were much more complex and relevant to the contemporary world. Besides, the art style produced works of elegance, sophistication, and uniqueness — things that will keep developing and evolving more and more with time, as the fanbase for the same grows as well.

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