How to Access the Steam Screenshot Folder

Steam is one of the most popular video game digital distribution platforms. It is developed by Valve and used by the best PC gamers around the world. Every game always has some moments worth capturing. So steam gives an option to the users to snap screenshots while playing the game itself. All you need to do is press the default hotkey F12 to capture the screenshot of the current in-game screen. All the screenshots are then captured in your PC. You can also change the default hotkey to some other key based on your preference.

After the images of the gameplay are captured you can view and share them showing off the craziest moments and achievements in the game. However, sometimes it might be hard to locate the saved images. This is a frequent problem faced by a lot of players. So here are the ways through which you can access those pictures easily.

How to Find your Steam ID?

Before we move any further we first need to find the Steam ID associated with your account. It is as easy as it sounds all that is needed is your Steam Client application. The detailed steps are mentioned below:

Step 1 – First of all, launch your Steam Client application.

Step 2 – Now, you will be able to see the menu bar on the top of the window. On the upper left corner click on the “View” button.

Step 3 – In the drop-down menu click on Settings option. A new window will open.

Step 4 – Then, click on the Interface option present on the left tab pane. Now there would appear a different pane on the right.

Step 5 – In the middle you will be able to see a checkbox titled as “Display Steam URL address when available”. Mark the checkbox if it is not marked.

Step 6 – After that, click “OK” on the bottom right. Now your new settings have been applied.

Step 7 – Next, go to your Steam Profile and click on “View”.

Step 8 – In the address bar you will find a URL The number present at the end of the URL is your Steam ID.

Now you can go ahead with the process of finding the captured screenshots that are saved in the Hard Drive.

How to Access the Steam Screenshot Folder

Method 1: Using the Screenshot Manager

The first method includes using the in built that comes with the Steam application. It manages all the captured screenshots along with the online library. The players can access the screenshots directly using the Manager. You can find the screenshots by following the steps below:

Step 1 – At first, open the Steam Client application on your device.

Step 2 – Then, go to the menu bar and click on View located on the upper left corner of the window. You will be able to see a drop-down menu after clicking. From the menu click on the Screenshots option.

Step 3 – The screenshot manager window is now opened. Here you will find all the captured in-game screenshots. You can go ahead and click on Show on Disk to locate the screenshots saved on your Hard Drive

There is also an added advantage of using the Screenshot Manager. It also allows the players to upload and delete the images on the hard drive, so you can directly save or delete new images from the application. This prescribes one of the easiest ways to locate the screenshots. But there’s one more way if you wish to find the physical location of the screenshots on the hard drive.

Method 2: Access the Screenshot Folder physically

The second method involves directly accessing the location of the screenshots in the system. Steam stores all the in-game screenshots captured by the user in a seperate folder. This folder can be found in the same location where Steam is currently located on your computer. It is installed by default in the local disk C in the hard drive.

Now you might remember that we have found our Steam ID before proceeding with this process. Well, the Steam ID plays a pivotal role in this method. You can easily find your Steam ID using the steps listed in the starting section of this article. Afterwards, follow the given steps to find the screenshots stored in the system:

Step 1 – Firstly, open the Windows File Explorer on your PC.

Step 2 – In the window you will see an Address bar on the top of your accessible files. This address bar holds the location of the current path. So, all there is needed is to enter the below  mentioned path in the Address bar of the file explorer. Alternatively, you can traverse through the folders given in the path accordingly too.

C:\ Program files (x86) \Steam\userdata\<yourSteamID>\760\remote\<app – ID>\screenshots

In the above path replace <yourSteamID> with the Steam ID you found in the start of this article.

Step 3 – Now, in this window you will be able to see all the screenshots that are saved in your system along with their paths. You can manually delete or add images in this folder as well.


Having those amazing moments in a game is always a blissful moment. That’s why it is always great to capture those moments. Finding those screenshots however can sometimes be a tedious task, but it is always simple once you realise the correct procedure to do so. From the above methods you will be able to access them easily and also learn more about the platform. Now, you can go ahead and post these screenshots on your Steam profile or other social media forums. Have fun playing more games and don’t forget to post your best moments on your profile. If you face any more problems you can check out our other recommended articles to solve those. Ciao!

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