8 Best Alternatives to Ustream For Streaming

After dominating the live streaming sector for over a decade, Ustream, the face of the live streaming platform in the entire world was dissolved into IBM in 2016. The American live streaming company, which was widely popular and diversely used by famous politicians and celebrities. It was acquired by IBM, an American multinational technological company, for the US $150 million. To contemplate its acquisition on April 1, 2018, two years after its purchase Ustream officially changed its name to IBM cloud videos.

Considering the Ustream’s long legacy of acting as an informal platform for the people to interact with the entire world, the integration with IBM was a shock to many of its active users. With its integration with IBM, Ustream lost the touch of a friendly informal live streaming platform and developed a new identity of a more secure, reliable, and formal live streaming system that we now know as IBM cloud videos.

The newly formed cloud video service was a well thought out and executed business decision. IBM had a vision and approach in mind on developing a system that targets the corporate sector.

8 Best Alternatives to Ustream For Streaming

IBM had already envisioned the future aspects of the corporate world and how it will need a secure and reliable live streaming platform for conducting various conferences and corporate meetings. With this mindset, the new cloud service was developed with the sole focus to win over the entire corporate market share of live streaming systems on its side; since no other platform was available at this time or was under development, the strategy was clear.

Even with the advent of a more secure live streaming platform, many of its active users are still searching for an alternative platform; with this article, let me put some of them into the light.

1. YouTube live streaming

YouTube has been the face of video streaming on the internet and had dominated the market since its establishment on feb14 2005. Hence it is included on the top of the list of Ustream alternatives.

This California based American company founded by Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, Jawed Karim, was so influential that it bought about video sharing market on the face of world economies.

With the declaration to begin the live streaming application in April 2011, it has already taken the next big step to dominate the entire streaming platform altogether.

Anyone with the app in your smartphone or tablet or any computing device with a camera setup can simply go live by just creating a user account, with the option to monetize and chat services. The interaction with the audience is built to be seamless and reliable.

2. Livestream

Founded in 2007 as Mogulas, Livestream is another excellent platform for live interaction with the audience; this streaming platform was designed with the sole aspect of audience interaction. It simplified the live streaming interface, making broadcasting more effortless than ever with a built-in chat system and availability in all devices from IOS, Android, and Roku Inc.

The platform is readily available and widely popular for its time; with Vimeo’s partnership on September 26, 2017, it developed further and was renamed Vimeo Livestream.

3. Twitch

Twitch was introduced as a spinoff of a streaming platform in June 2011 by Justin Kan and Emmett Shear. It mainly focuses on video game live streaming and esports broadcasting.

AMAZON later acquired twitch for US$970 million, creating and hence acts as a subsidiary of Amazon. The platform, with the advent of the gaming industry, saw rapid growth from October 2013 to February 2014 with 45 million viewers.

The interface and the server are highly optimized for real-time game streaming. It has been the face of streaming games since its creation.

4.  Bambuser

Here, comes the next Ustream alternative. Banbuser is a Swedish live streaming platform developed in 2007. The Bambuser app allows one to go live through any IOS or Android devices. It also provides end to end solutions used by companies to integrate live videoes in their workflow. In 2014 the company shifted its focus on the live video platform for brands, apps developers, and organizations.

5. Facebook Live

California based American online social media/networking based company has been the Meta of social interaction. The faces of the internet since its launch.

And with the introduction to Facebook live system, Facebook has grasped the essence of its creation of bringing people together from all over the world.

With a coherent user interface and free to use simple mechanisms, the system was widely popular for live streaming informal events and occasions. Also, it was widely adored by celebrities. It allowed a simple means of interaction with their followers, as most of them were already on Facebook.

6. Periscope

Periscope is an American live video streaming app for android and IOS devices developed by Kayvon Beykpour and Joe Bernstein.  It is another best alternative for Ustream. Twitter later acquired the company before its launch in 2015. The app after its launch gained over 10 million users in the same year of its launch. Also, it was mentioned as the iPhone app of the year later in December 2015.

The app allowed the user the flexibility to stream for the entire public or only for a selected group of peoples with a simple audience interaction system. The app gained immense popularity in a short period.

7. Meerkat

Meerkat is yet another great live streaming platform like Ustream. It was the main competitor of the Periscope. Meerkat, developed by Life On Air, Inc., a team headed by founder and CEO Ben Rubin. It was very popular since its launch in February 2015. Meerkat lacks the replay option. However, it allows the user to connect to their Facebook or Twitter accounts to stream directly to their followers as soon as they went live. The app was available for both iOS and Android.

8. Blab

Blab by Bebo. A social networking website is another interesting means of live communication. It allows viewers to view communication between other people in real-time. The concept of it was to bring about individuals together just to chat and have a good time. So if you like talk shows like Ustream, this app is for you.


With Ustream gone from the radar of casual streamers, a large share of its active users are going to be redistributed among the above mentioned live streaming platforms even with the presence of IBM cloud videoes.

It’s the nature of technology to evolve and develop at a very rapid rate. The void created by Ustream in the streaming community will soon be filled by the likes of even more amazing app. The race to improve user interface and to gain popularity will ultimately be beneficial for the viewers. moreover, it will bring about even better live streaming platforms with due time.

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